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I found this Gem written by pete Feb. 6th, 2006 @ 08:29 am
(this is a letter from pete to his ex. i wasn't going to put it up if it was too mean to her. but.....i don't know what he is talking about haha)

ode to you bitch man whore face.

i drink and i smoke this is nothing like my first try an writing an email that does not meka any sense . its fourthhirty two and ims till drhinking becasue you and i don't ever talk i guess im wrinignt ing a streeam of consciecneness that makes seesenes to drin kierress because drinking is good and i like it becauese beaceaues i like it uh huh. yeah furnking a man

so in real news here is the scope: i am home from school i drink and i droll and color in the lines. i feel a real flow down to my toe, in my heead this all but rhymes.

i will refuse this old spell check, whtat the hell check lynn lee you are an asian busta rhymes, i write fro mo meanign this is appeaaling my mind is all but blank. budwiser is good it fucks me up and drinking will never get old. i woke it in bed, butt naked insteadof you it was a girl named christine. later on it was julie and on bj's were my best friend. she is cooler than you....i am still drinking and thinking of stinking drunk is the thing to do.

when i am 21 then ill have fun, you are a bitch and i don't need you. i don't know who you aare and this by fare makes me thnk odd of you. im sure you are great, we went on a date, and i think i still love you.

steph if you only hear that i want you dear then you are only the one for me. if you think this to be true, that i really need you then your name is killians irish red. if you were that beer then i woudl hold you near and never leave your side. beer is my friend and will be to the end and love me till the end. i don't know why this poem is a poem at all my mind is filled with beer. you see it nver leaves me at all.

by the way this is the not as drunk or as good seceond verson of the eamils. apparently i was drnnk and idd not actually write the frist one but i assure you it was better.

o becasusee i am damn why dose my mind go to that same poem form every time i want writes. so yeah man 7ui

so i just got waken up by lynn, this is ripe man. hahhaha.

ps to steph: "whatever whatever i do what i want!" hahaha i don't know what this means lynn is the man later and peace.


DURT NOTES: A critcial analysis of pete's poem

"bitch man whore face" I am guessing that he means stephanie. I know stephanie and she is not manly...nor whorey, so i am guessing he is drunk. haha

1st paragraph: Pete cannot spell. "this is nothign like my first try an writing an email" - Prior to this letter, pete had written a first letter, but he somehow forgot to add it in the email...or he just thought he wrote it. haha. I'm kinda scared by the last sentence. "yeah fumking a man". homo? no....

3rd paragraph: he sets the scene. He is home from school and he's flowing. I think he's about to rap.

4th paragraph: He starts out will stating that "lynn lee you are an asian busta ryhmes." I am sure that he is flattered. "i woke it in bed, butt naked instead of you a girl named christine" wait...was he expecting lynn lee in bed? lynn lee is a guy. haha. I suspect he means steph. HOPEFULLY. his greatest ryhme of the letter is here: "i am still drinking and thinking of stinking drunk is the thing to do"

5th paragraph: he goes off on steph. poor girl. haha she makes him think odd of her. he drops a bomb, though, in his last words, "and i think i still love you"

6th paragraph: Here begins the loving. lol the best line of the letter is here: "if you think this to be true, that i really need you then your name is killians irish red." haha. So, does pete truly love stephanie...or only if stephanie is a beer?

7th paragraph: he explains the 2nd letter

8th paragraph: makes no sense at ALL

9th paragraph: pete passed out midletter and lynn called him to see if he was still alive.

10th paragraph: A ps to steph and shoutout to lynn

CONCLUSION: Pete is a drunk ass MOFO

RIP Pat Morita Nov. 29th, 2005 @ 08:42 am
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Pat Mortia, mr.miyagi, died Thursday. He apparently was nominated for an oscar for supporting actor. He also spent time in the internment camps as a boy. Also, He was one of the two asians allowed in movies during the 80's. The other was this walking stereotype.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Nov. 9th, 2005 @ 12:46 pm
Apparently, the spin on yesterdays elections was a democrat trouncing of republicans and a message from the american people to George Bush. I dont' really see how that is. Yeah, two Democrat governors won and Arnold's propositions were terminated. However, one governor is from freakin New Jersey, which i presume is a blue state. The other governor is a democrat in a red state, however he was Lt. Gov to the previous Governor, who was very popular. And it really isn't a big surprise that Arnold lost in California. Newspapers fail to mention red victories in red states. For example, texas defined marraige was a union between a man and woman and intelligent design won over evolution in some other state. So basically, the elections represent the widening divisions between Americans across the country.

*edit* of course this is only the observations of one who paid minimal attention to these election
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